Monday, January 13, 2014

Packing It Up!

I'm packing up my virtual things and moving to a new blogging platform!  I’m slowly trying to migrate myself from this blog to my new WordPress blog, Connect2Jamie .  I'm doing this because I wanted to streamline my online identity a little--Books-and-Bytes is also a pain to type, and I haven't used that tagline in any other place. Additionally, I thought it was time to learn a little about WordPress too, and take advantage of some of the flexibility that the platform offers.

There were a few changes with Blogger that I wasn’t thrilled with too, and, as usual, Vicki Davis outlined the situation beautifully in her blogpost a few months ago. I don’t have a ton of readers, like Vicki does, and I’m the most sporadic of bloggers, but I've decided it's worth making a few changes, and exploring a little.

I've imported my old posts from this blog to Connect2Jamie, although I'm still working on untangling some of the embeds and linked files. I'll get that done though. Surely...

On to my next adventure in blogging platforms! If you’re reading this, thanks! Maybe one day I’ll have an inspired thought and write it down over there! :)

Flickr CC Image: Photo by Larry Tomlinson

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