Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kwout it!

Trying a new tool that I read about called Kwout. Don't really know why it's called that--I think a lot of people in my world would be more likely to try tools if the language didn't get in the way, but that's another post...

Via a widget in my Firefox browser, Kwout does this:


Twitter via kwout

That is a screen capture of a piece of my twitter page this afternoon.

I can capture a screen shot easily and quickly and make it any size I need it to be. This is done with a useful little slider that sizes your kwout so you can see exactly how big it'll be before you save/upload it--love that. They mashup with Blogger so that it's wildly easy to post to my blog. Cool thing is that it says the hyperlinks within the graphic above are still hot, although I can't tell as I type this. They're not now, but they should be once this goes live. I'll see how useful it ends up being. Like it at first blush!


Book Bag said...

I cant seem to grab the bookmarklet. I like the idea of this for referencing web page stuff in my blog or teaching.

Is this more useful than Print Screen on the keyboard? I guess it would be if the hot items actually were hot when you paste them into your pages.

Keep me posted on how you like this.

jamie said...

Yes, the hotlinks make it a better option, I think. And it just looks nice too--it's got a shadow and rounded corners and all. That's nice.
The bookmarklet is at the bottom right of the browser screen just above the system tray. I didn't even see it there until Some other program that I installed put a widget there too. I hadn't noticed things getting installed there before...Anyway, it's a little white rectangle with a K in it.