Tuesday, June 19, 2007

VoiceThread--what a resource for digital storytelling

I don't even know what led me to this site, because once I clicked on VoiceThread, I got lost in this fantastic site! VoiceThread enables the user to add sound (commentary, music, etc) to what is essentially a slide show online. That's not even the cool part though! The coolest thing is that users can leave comments--either audio or text--so that as others watch the slide show, they can hear the rich conversation that has evolved.

What a great tool for digital storytelling! An example that I quickly found was this Flat Stanley project. This project however brings up issues of cybersafety in that the names of the children and their location are given in the thread, which is definitely not a "best practice." However, this is an idea that could be used safely and I think it would be so exciting for students!

Another thread worth visiting is Booooo for Global Warming, by a young girl named Zoe. Very effective--talk about persuasive speech and point of view! This is what we should be doing in the classroom to make those old units that we just don't want to give up (Flat Stanley) a 2.0 upgrade! Now...to get the IT department not to block it...

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