Sunday, July 29, 2007

Flickrstorm--Cool Mashup

Just as I was grouching about not being able to use various 2.0 tools at school and with students, I ran across some of David Jakes' tutorials on TeacherTube. The tutorials that really caught my eye are the ones for Flickrstorm , which is a mashup using Flickr photos that allows you to search for photos (advanced tab allows creative commons searches too), save them into sets and download them altogether onto a page with a unique URL. Students can then access the images--which have full attribution and links back to the original on Flickr--from this unique page rather than having to go into Flickr. In my district, Flickr is blocked, but I'm hoping that Flickrstorm is not . If we can use it, it will be really handy! The 3 Flickrstorm tutorials are on this page under the Photostory3 tutorials.

BTW, Jakes' Photostory3 tutorials are certainly worth the time too, as an intro to the free program and to digital storytelling in general. Thanks Mr. Jakes!!
I think I will show them to a couple of my teachers who are interested in different storytelling options for their kids.

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You are most welcome! David