Sunday, July 8, 2007

Week 5 Thing #11

The next part of #11 is to explore a Ning community and comment on it. I am a member of the Texas Library Association's new Ning, called Texas School Librarians .
I see the potential of a tool like this, especially for a group as large and physically spread out as members of TLA. However, I find it a little disorienting. Maybe it's a matter of time. Seems that there's all sorts of info and various ways you can get to/link that info. My brain may just be a tad "old school" to adapt to this seamlessly. I still see the usefulness of pulling all types of communication together in one place (videos, forum, etc.)

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Chris Eldred said...

yeah, Ning is cool! I am a part of some good groups, Online Teaching and School 2.0. Lot of features, but I'm still waiting to be able to pull my post on my regular blog into Ning automatically so I don't have to double post stuff.