Thursday, July 5, 2007

Week 4 Thing #9 Blog Search Tools

BTW--Notice my cool new avatar? I found the site Voki through a blog that I read doing this exercise! Darn--my avatars just keep looking better and better! heehee

For this exercise, we were to explore several blog feed search tools online and see what we encountered.

In light of Scott McLeod's Independence Day challenge to blog about tech leadership and 21st Century skills, I thought a good exercise would be to search for his suggested tag (schooltechleadership) on all the blog search tools. I found that trusty old Technorati harvested the most and the quickest results of all the tools. Of course, some of the engines weren't really suited for this type of search (Topix, for example), but it was interesting to see the different options out there. Google got the next highest quality results.

I'm glad for this exercise, because I put all of these tools on my page so I can remember them!

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